Winter Conditioning, 2018-19

Once again, Raptors are offering Winter Condioning ("WINCON") for our members (or anyone who would like to join the club--all are welcome) in the fall, winter and early spring. This program began two years ago and has been a huge success. The coaches have fun, the kids are great and everyone stays in shape so they will be ready when track begins.

As of right now, Coach Justin is running a Thursday workout at the minipark (where the Berkeley pool is) directly west of the MLK running track on Hopkins St. The workout begins at 3:20-ish and goes until around 5:00 p.m. Coach Romy also has a workout at Cerrito Vista park at 4:45 on Thursdays, This workout is open to any Raptor that can run three miles without stopping, since there is usually a hill/ trail run involved.

Depending upon the popularity of the program, and the need for more specific coaching in jumps, relays, sprints, etc. we may expand the days by one or two. . . buts that's in the future. One small step at time!

If you would like to kept up-to-date on WINCON news, simply email Raptors coach (one of eight!) Rick: and ask to be put on the WINCON email list!

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Some of last year's crew. . .