New! High Jump Training!

This whole project began quite a while ago (two years?). I happened to see an email from the coach at Orinda Intermediate School, saying that they had replaced their HJ pad and would anyone like their old , still serviceable pad FOR FREE. I emailed back and said "Yes!" We gathered some parents, rented a truck and hauled it from Orinda to the home of Charles Bultman, dad of long-time Raptor Rosie. He kindly allowed us to store it temporarily on the side of his house. Temporary extended to what appeared to be semi-permamanent but Charles and his wife were patient!

After a lot of time and negotiation (and a new Athletic Director at AUSD!) Raptors got permission to store the pad in the Albany School facilities department's "junk yard" which happens to have a locking gate and is just a few feet from the track!

So we piled the pad on my long-suffering Ford Ranger and took it to its new home at Cougar Field. 

For the first time in quite a while, Raptors is now able to offer training in virtually all youth field events: long jump, triple jump HIGH JUMP, shot put and Turbo-Javelin.

The pad will also hopefully be used by HS age Raptors who desire additional practice. Access to HJ pits is quite limited so this should be a big plus to their training programs. 

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