Also. . . 

We also have Raptors casual/workout wear. At this point we still have adult sizes for mon and dad but are out of kid sizes. We will be taking orders for kid's "T's" soon.

Raptors clothing

As part of our (minimal!) yearly dues, Raptors includes some tre-stylish clothing which can be spotted at most elementary and middle schools in the area. Our kids like the clothes and they are a great advertisement for the club.

With dues comes one Raptors singlet and either a Raptors jacket OR a Raptors hoodie (your choice). 

Singlet front                               Singlet back

Hoodie front                                   Hoodie back

Jacket front                                     Jacket back


Oliver sports his Raptors hoodie after his age group victory in the Monterey 1/2 marathon in 2017.

Tilda in her Raptors singlet at start of Berkeley 1/2 marathon 5K.