Yes, runners from many middle & elementary schools run with Raptors! Here are just a FEW of them.

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How do we join Raptors?

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The forms:

Hilla and Ryan at Albany Triathlon.

From left: Astrid, Palomi, Audrey, Tilda and Ella at Hercules Running Rebels meet.

Coach Andre and son Finley.

1. Request to join our Facebook Group 

NOTE: If you don't like FB (you're not alone) this step isn't essential. You can get all info from Team Snap (Step 3). 

2. Come to a workout or two and see if you like us and/or if our program is what you are looking for.

3. If we pass muster, Email Coach Rick ( so we can sign you up for TeamSnap.  You will receive a Team Snap invitation (check your spam file. Sometimes they end up there). When you accept it, you will receive all the club emails (not that many, don't worry!) and have access to the Raptors Team Snap site.

4. If you decide you're ready to join, print out the two forms below (emergency form and liability waiver), complete them, sign them and bring them to the next workout you attend. At the same time, you or your runner can bring cash (not recommended if runner delivers!) or check to a Sunday workout and give it to Rick, Joel or Justin OR or you can pay with PayPal, right here on this page!

Hanna ( MLK) and Otto (Longfellow) at Lake Merritt "Fouth Sunday" race.

Joe from MLK..