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FAQ (Page 3)

Once I join, how much will all this cost?

Not a lot! Annual dues are $250 (and an additional $100 for each added sibling), which includes:

1.) USATF/AAU membership  Raptors pays for these memberships and also does all the paperwork.

2.) Uniform top (which can be replaced if your size changes)

3.) Raptor jacket or hoodie (your choice)

For USATF and AAU meets, Raptors pays all entry fees and handles all the paperwork. We occasionally go to weekend road races, which you'll need to sign up for on your own.  Fees for such races range from $5 to $50, but they're all optional and they also provide medals, cool t-shirts, etc.

That's about it! For those who may be coming from other sports, youth or otherwise, running is blessedly cheap.  We also happily offer scholarships to those whose budgets might be tight.

If I want to attend, when is the next workout?

Our regular club workouts are on Sundays from 11:00 am until 12:30 p.m. at Cougar Field behind Albany middle school (1259 Brighton Ave., 94706)  We sometimes meet at different locations or cancel practice because of a race. Always check our Team Snap schedule first.

Are there "Raptor races" coming up?

There always are! See practices and races listed at Team Snap.

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On top of the world. Way, way up in the Berkeley Hills on a trail run with Coach Justin.

Ready for the start at Lake Merritt.