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Post-race at Fentons

Are the Raptors an "official" club?

We are indeed. The Raptors are an official USA Track & Field (generally "shorthanded" as USATF, the sanctioning body of virtually all amateur running in the U.S.) club, complete with insurance and the ability not only to attend all USATF meets and races, but also to host our own. Our USATF club number is: 38-0408. In early 2017, Raptors also became an offical AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) club. Our AAU club # is: wywtd8

Where does the club train?

We train every Sunday at Cougar Field, behind Albany Middle School (1259 Brighton Ave. 94706) from 11:00 a.m. unti 12:20 p.m.

If I join, do I have to compete?

No. No one has to do anything! This is for fun, remember? 

What if we have more than one runner in our family?

We offer a "sibling(s) rate." Each exta runner added per family is only $85. You will find it under the "options" bar on Paypal HERE