Are the Raptors solely a youth team?

While the Raptors was formed as a youth team, it has also attracted the interest of parents, friends, etc. So, we do have runners of all ages that occasionally compete for Raptors (it's fun to race for a club!) but, in the main, we are a youth club.

How young can kids be?

Raptors began as a middle school club but in the last year or so we've had a huge shift. Almost all of our runners are elementary school runners now. We have no idea how this happened but it's fun. All of our coaches are amazed at how easy younger kids are to work with. They listen, they learn, they work hard. So we are happy to say that we now accept kids as young as five. If you have a runner younger than that, we can talk!

What are our goals?

Our number one goal, far out ahead of any others, is for the whole enterprise to be fun. Yes, it would be great to evolve into a very competitive club with many successful runners but that only happens if every participant truly enjoys taking part. In other words, we don't have tryouts. Anyone who wants to join is welcome. You don't have to be a runner. We have lots of room for those who want to learn to run. We are looking for spirited, basically nice people who like running/jumping/throwing more than we are seeking raw talent. Although there is always room for that too!

Six-year-old Kenzo racing the 5K at Lake Merritt. He beat a lot of adults!

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The three original Raptors: Max, Nikhil and Annabel.